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How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Posted on March Mon, 2017 under Resources for Home Buyers

With Tips from Interior Designer Lulu Kuo


Even after the boxes are unpacked, it can take a while for your house to truly feel like a “HOME.” Few people understand this better than Interior Designer Lulu Kuo. Her work has taken her, (and her family), all over the world. “This is the perfect subject for me,” she says, “because I’ve moved a lot and every time I needed to make our new location a home.”

Below are her tips for the key elements you’ll want to add in order to claim your space.

Area Rugs: Whether you are purchasing a home or renting, investing in some area rugs is a great idea. Kuo says you should use the rugs to “create boxes” throughout the house. The rugs will help narrow things down and concentrate each space, (the living room, the bedroom etc.), so you can focus on the other design elements you want to add.

Plants: Kuo admits that not all people like taking care of them, but says plants can make a wonderful difference in a home. Placing plants in the sunnier areas of a house can help create a pleasant feeling for the space. And having something growing and living in your home adds a natural element that many find comforting.

Lighting: Table lamps, floor lamps, etc. set the atmosphere and ambience for different areas of your house. When you first move in, choose the spot you want to brighten and light up, and spots where softer lighting will create a sense of relaxation.

Candles: Smell is important, and choosing a scent that you can come to identify with your house can be a powerful trigger for your brain. Whether or not you want to light them, having the fragrance of candles when you come home will let you know mentally that you’re home and can relax.

Drapery: According to Lulu Kuo curtains are the very first thing to invest money and time in. It’s not just about keeping the outside world “out,” she says, it’s also about closing the space “in” for yourself.

And finally: Lulu says to always set up the bedroom and the kitchen first. “You need a bed and claiming the kitchen as your own means this is your house now.”

About Lulu Kuo

After graduating with a degree in interior design from West Valley College Saratoga, Lulu Kuo choose to take the less conventional route, bypassing the local internships and heading to Shanghai. There her fluency in both eastern and western culture, (and Mandarin and English), was a huge asset. She worked with a large commercial company before deciding to head to Phuket, Thailand so her children could enjoy a quieter, less crowded, life.

In 2014, family again brought her back to Los Angeles where she currently lives and has grown a loyal client base. Because of her background, and experience, she is able to provide a very international point of view. Despite a prestigious portfolio that includes properties all over the world and clients like the King and Queen of Bhutan, her approach to design remains down to earth and extremely client-centric. “I don’t want to put my style in your house” she says “you’re the one that has to live there.”

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Lulu Kuo Interior Design

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