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How it works

  1. Associations partner with Dizzle Enterprise
  2. Dizzle provides them with their own branded app and shows their agents how to use it to expand their sphere of influence, get new leads, build a vendor list and generate referrals
  3. Associations build an additional revenue stream from preferred vendors and a new source of leads for their team
  4. Each agent can build their own branded vendor list

“The rollout and reception of the Dizzle application has been phenomenally received at SDAR. The accompanying business model makes it of extreme value at all levels of the real estate industry (Agent, Brokerage and Association). it is hands down the best way to capitalize on the value of connecting great businesses with real estate professionals and in turn with homeowners. Solidifying mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships for every party involved while bringing quantifiable results.”

-nicolas zavala, strategic business mamager, greater san diego association of realtors®

Branded app interface and design

Give every agent the ability to add a vendor to their website

Analytics dashboard and click tracking

Branded marketing materials for team distribution

Additional Benefits for Associations include:

  • Dedicated Account Coordinator
  • Step-by-step best practice guides for sales team training and marketing
  • Receive weekly reports filled with analytics to monitor performance
  • Notification to existing affiliate partners of program and benefits
  • Migration of existing affiliate partners to app by the Dizzle Onboarding team
  • Individual vendor backend creation
  • Vendor dashboard and ROI tracking