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Why is it so important to
build your referral network?

During the house buying process, people need a range of services from painting, to home inspectors. In fact, when a home is sold in California, the average income generated from additional expenditure on consumer items such as on furniture, appliances, and remodeling is $4.429. Why not partner with the real estate agents - the first place homeowners turn when they need a recommendation.

What Dizzle can do for you for business:

  • Help you build relationships with realtors
  • Help you find new business and leads
  • Make sure you spend your advertising money on effective  hyper-local promotion
  • Give you the ability to easily measure ROI

“Working with the Dizzle concierge program was a quick and easy venture. We were able to get up and running, and then more importantly, in front of agents to make sure they had knowledge of and access to our services here at Everything But The House! The agents were very receptive, and have been an incredible partner right out of the gate, and we are already working on our first referrals. I would absolutely attribute that to The Dizzle Concierge Program and their ability to get our service available to the agents, and us in front of the right people!”

- Lewis woolsey, business development at everything but the house

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Real time lead alerts
sent via text and email

Vendor Dashboard

Call tracking

Dizzle partners with some of the country’s largest, industry leading firms

to connect their real estate agents and clients with pre-qualified vendors, including:

Do you qualify?

Our certification and vetting process ensures that only the best rated local businesses can become a part of our network!

To join, you’ll need:
  • Yelp Score of at least 31/2 stars or HIGHER
  • License #
  • Insurance
  • Real estate agent reference
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“We will have been on the Dizzle Concierge Program 3 years this December. It has been a great program for us, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with all the Dizzle staff, the manager, and many wonderful agents. The program is quite diverse and deep and has challenged our staff of 18 to take advantage of and capitalize on all the program offers a vendor from the many office presentations, the mobile app, and events to the regular distribution of flyers and displays in the offices. We respect Dizzle Concierge for the professional organization it is and hope to continue to grow with it’s strong team.”

- bruce howe, president of pacific west inspections, inc.