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Terms of Service

Dizzle (“Dizzle”) may provide its Customers and Clients information regarding certain service providers, vendors and/or other resources.(internet-based and otherwise) offered by third parties unaffiliated with RE/MAX Alliance. This information is typically derived from independent sources which often, but do not always, include past Dizzle Customers or Clients who have utilized such service providers, vendors or resources. However, Consumers are hereby notified that Dizzle has not conducted an investigation into the qualifications and/or financial status of any of these service providers, vendors or resources. Any information regarding such service providers, vendors or resources that may be provided by Dizzle is given strictly as a courtesy and for informational purposes only, and does not represent a recommendation or endorsement by Dizzle. Consumers may also want to consider other service providers, vendors and/or resources that are not identified by Dizzle. Regardless of whom or what resource Consumers may choose. Consumers are advised to assure in advance that the service provider’s, vendor’s or resource’s qualifications, experience, financial status, record for reliability, etc., are acceptable to the Consumers. Dizzle does not guarantee or warrant the work, service, information, product, etc., that may be performed and/or provided by any such service provider, vendor or other resource that Dizzle may suggest to Consumers.